#WhatIf if I listened and reacted to everyone who judged and discriminated against me? Carla Mumar

As we honour international women’s day on the 8th March “empowerFULL” is launching the #WhatIf campaign to support women’s empowerment journey.

The #WhatIf campaign aims to share stories of women who have followed their dreams regardless of their journey’s barriers.

Inspiring women from all around the world have shared a challenging question starting with #WhatIf and some tips on how they have challenged limiting beliefs. 

We present you with Carla Mumar Founder of SCALE Solutions, Social Impact Innovator, Divergent Strategist, and Ideathon Architect. You can find more about her work on LinkedIn.

Carla Mumar founder of SCALE Solutions

#WhatIf I listened and reacted to everyone who judged and discriminated me? 

Being discriminated against and judged because of who you are and what you believe in is never going to be easy. I go through and feel the pain, sadness, and anger too. That is the reality, and it will never end. 

Some of the best advice I got was from a few people I trust and respect and I always keep these words on top of my mind. 

  • Focus on what you can control and learn from each experience. 
  • Listen and surround yourself with a trusted support system. 
  • Keep your focus on your purpose and mission. 
  • Keep a good distance from distractions. 

Have Faith & Hope in God.

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