It is all in there

It is all in there, while the rest is missing
As pieces keep breaking
I make pacts with foreigners and their weapons
I wear their defense, I look elegant covered in rented fear
As if they did not know, as if I did not tell them

They ask me why I fail to get out of the cage
While I curiously attempt to grab the sun
My eyes bleed the inner wonder that has haunted my vision
I keep looking for the rest, while it is all in there
Flat, secure, more stable than the rest that is missing

As if I never knew, as if they never told me
To serve my unending thoughts, I count the birds as they are digging in the rays of the sun
They sing aloud their anthem of happiness, they cherish their brave wings

I feel sorry for them, how tiny they look, how thin their voices are
As if they were caged as if I have never been drunk by their songs
It is time to progress… to find the rest, that is missing
As if they did not know, as if I did not tell them.

© This digital art piece was made by the artist and founder of SCALE Solutions, Carla Mumar, exclusively for the #ImEmpowerfull campaign. The poem was written by Anxhela Bruci.

The aim of these posts is to promote empowered messages and use art to raise awareness on #humantrafficking.

If any of them resonates with you we kindly ask you to share them with your network and show your support by using the #ImEmpowerfull hashtag.

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