The Art of Being Flawful

The Art of Being Flawful

‘Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.’
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In a world full of hypocrisy, where superficial achievements are overvalued, where numbers matter more than substance, where hiding our pain and putting on a pretentious face is considered normal, there is an urgent need for authenticity!

It is absolutely essential to dare to be real, to share our stories, to share our pain for the sake of our own healing.

It is important to rise above our ego, connect through our experiences on a deeper level, and offer our support in any way or form we can to those who are in need.

In order to achieve that we need to create a safe and reassuring space for those who seek healing and transformation.

A place where people are encouraged to overcome feelings of guilt, shame, anger, and helplessness by allowing their inner voice to speak their truth, by allowing themselves to be vulnerable and ‘break’, so that they can collect all their pieces together and make a new creation of their own.

That is the art of being flawful. It is our mission, here in #empowerfull, to provide this space and support survivors of human trafficking to gain their independence back.

We can unite our forces together to shape a new path for the autonomy of survivors.

#ImEmpowerfull because I love my flaws and therefore I am flawful. For what are you empowerFULL for? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

© This digital art piece was made by the artist and founder of SCALE Solutions, Carla Mumar, exclusively for this campaign. The writing was written by Athanasia Vasileiadou, a psychology student based in Luxembourg.

#ImEmpowerfull #BeEmpowered

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