About us

We are an international team driven by the vision for social justice. Our team have contributed their time and knowledge pro bono to set up this initiative.

Our Motto

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”
-Mother Teresa

Our Core Values

Survivor empowerment - providing to survivors the tools to strengthen their skills in the process of economic empowerment and personal development.
Sustainability - involving a range of actors to create an inclusive model, by maximising the resources that survivors can access directly.
Collaboration - ensuring that the model is sustainable and able to support future cycles through close collaboration with local organisations and grassroots movements.
Socio-ecological approach - all components of the EmpowerFULL model are informed by the intersection between individual, community and societal factors.

Meet the Team

Anxhela Bruci


Elin Aakrann

Social Responsibility Strategist

Lily Sparks

Anti-Trafficking Strategic Consultant

Advisory Board

Jill Saville

Executive coach, mentor, speaker and Vice Chair of the British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg.

Joanne Ward

Leading social entrepreneur with 20 years experience of business development, coaching and training in the social economy.