Opponents of our battles

Opponents of our battles

Life is a path, for some a long one, and others, a shorter, and each moment is a path closer to hang out with ourselves.

It’s a battle, with you, as the main opponent.

Nobody knows what is going to happen, and that’s the most interesting part of it.

We often wonder about finding a way to catch the unknown which confuses us day by day.

There is something magical inside that desire of knowing the unknown, the same feeling as the sadness when we recollect what has happened in the past.

All of this chaotic situation comes from the past and it ends at the door of fear.

We are tiny pieces of art lost in a universe that is looking for perfection.

By growing up, we learn how to use silence as protection for truth. Sometimes we are afraid, others, we are thirsty for freedom and discovery.

Silence and fear, listening to others because we are afraid to listen and to speak our words, looking to others, acting for others, because, in this way it hurts less, it matters less, it weighs less.

Dreams, which they have disappeared before even starting, as a result of the fear of losing, the fear of being someone else.

© This digital art piece was made by the artist and founder of SCALE Solutions Carla Mumar exclusively for the #ImEmpowerfull campaign. The poem was written by Anxhela Bruci.

The aim of these posts is to promote messages of empowerment and use art to raise awareness on #humantrafficking.

If any of them resonates with you we kindly ask you to share them with your network and show your support by using the #ImEmpowerfull hashtag.

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