#Whatif you allow yourself to dream bigger? Marianne Hermsen

As we honour international women’s day on the 8th March “empowerFULL” is launching the #WhatIf campaign to support women’s empowerment journey.

The #WhatIf campaign aims to share stories of women who have followed their dreams regardless of their journey’s barriers.

Inspiring women from all around the world have shared a challenging question starting with #WhatIf and some tips on how they have challenged limiting beliefs. 

We present you with Marianne Hermsen, a Women Empowerment Coach, and International Coach Trainer. She is also affiliated with the Co-Active Training Institute, the USA as an international coach trainer and examiner. You can find more about her work at www.mariannehermsen.com.

Marianne Hermsen, Women Empowerment Coach, International Coach Trainer

  #What if… you believed you could?

In 2007 I bought the book “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers” by Debbie Ford.

The decision to start my coach training was the beginning of a continuously expanding library of self-help books.

I remember that rainy morning in October, while I was having a skype session with my coach.

I was just about to tell him about this book when suddenly the subtitle caught my eyes.

I started to cry.

It was as if those words had been written just for me:

It said:

“Reclaim your power, creativity, and brilliance”.

It was those 6 simple words that shifted something in me for good.

From that moment on I decided to let go of false modesty, to acknowledge that I was talented and that one day I would be a master coach, supporting women to reclaim their brilliance and embrace who they really are.

What if you allow yourself to dream bigger, nourish that dream on a daily basis, by feeling it, imagining it, and eventually act on it? What would be possible for you then?

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