#WhatIf…I try? Ksenia Komarova

As we honour international women’s day on the 8th March “empowerFULL” is launching the #WhatIf campaign to support women’s empowerment journey.

The #WhatIf campaign aims to share stories of women who have followed their dreams regardless of their journey’s barriers.

Inspiring women from all around the world have shared a challenging question starting with #WhatIf and some tips on how they have challenged limiting beliefs. 

We present you with Ksenia Komarova, Market Lead, WhatsApp at Facebook. She is organising a series of Community Conversation: #SheMeansBusiness by bringing together a small group of leaders and women in business to discuss the journey from getting started to navigating growth. You can find more about her work on LinkedIn.

Ksenia Komarova

#WhatIf…I try?

What if…I try?

I am a curious person, I like to challenge myself and to learn from experiences. I believe that we may not be even aware of what we are capable of doing until we start exploring the world and ourselves.

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