Who dares?

While the day teaches the night the beauty of transparency
I am standing still on a slow-moving train…
Where to go? What to gain?
Who cares mama, who dares?

Searching for the impossible
Expecting the unexpected
Believing without feeling
Who felt mama, who dared?

Falling from the mountains,
Waiting for heroes to save me
As if that wouldn’t be me
Who dreamed mama, who dared?

© This digital art piece was made by the artist and founder of SCALE Solutions, Carla Mumar, exclusively for the #ImEmpowerfull campaign. The poem was written by Anxhela Bruci.

The aim of these posts is to promote empowered messages and use art to raise awareness on #humantrafficking.

If any of them resonates with you we kindly ask you to share them with your network and show your support by using the #ImEmpowerfull hashtag.

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