#WhatIf women were allowed? Kelechi Ezeigwe

As we honour international women’s day on the 8th March “empowerFULL” is launching the #WhatIf campaign to support women’s empowerment journey.

The #WhatIf campaign aims to share stories of women who have followed their dreams regardless of their journey’s barriers.

Inspiring women from all around the world have shared a challenging question starting with #WhatIf and some tips on how they have challenged limiting beliefs. 

We present you with Kelechi Ezeigwe. Founder of St. Abigails Schools Isolo Lagos & St Abigails women Initiatives, Cherie Blair Foundation For Women Alumni, Public speaker, and writer. You can find more about her work on LinkedIn.

Kelechi Ezeigwe founder of St. Abigails Schools Isolo Lagos

#WhatIf women were allowed?

What if women were allowed their rightful place in the world in terms of Leadership, education, innovations e.t.c. What an awesome world it would be.

What if women are not first seen as sexual objects but first as human beings and persons to be honored and respected and held in the highest possible esteem what an understanding and beautiful and peaceful world it would be?

Our world would have awesome and mighty transformations in it when the world decides to provide equal platforms and opportunities for women.

Anytime I am faced with challenges I always remind myself of past challenges which seemed incredible and insurmountable at the time but which I eventually overcame and triumphed over. I remind myself that to be a life alone is a gift and that it takes courage to live life. I tell myself to take it one day at a time, one step at a time. I remind myself of how beautiful it is to be a life which means God Still wants me to be here to fulfill my life purpose.

Challenges are just wind beneath my wings to spur me to action for the next stage of my life. As long as there is a life I will keep moving.

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